Crafting Futures DOCUMENTARY 29’_2021

Having experienced multiple losses and passed through difficult journeys, many migrants may see their displacement getting protracted in Greece, as they are faced with European migration regimes. Yet their lives are not only marked by immobility and victimhood, as often misguidingly assumed. Many struggle on a daily basis, they learn and create, they connect with places and other people, they resist and move on.The documentary narrates fragments of the everyday life of three persons who have shared their experience in the context of a broader study of protracted displacement in Greece.


Directed by
Michalis Kastanidis & Io Chaviara

Cinematography & Editing
Michalis Kastanidis

Xenofontas Kontopoulos (Chios)
Pavlos Gousios (Lavrio)
Michalis Kastanidis (Thessaloniki)

Production Company
Fabula Productions

Production Assistant
Evangelina Gkiokrousi

Translation & Subtitles
Penia Kalofolia, Olga Selpesaki & Zoe Artemis Athanasopoulou (Chios)
Sirin Sihou & Nahead Bishara (Lavrio)
Subtitles Edit Kerasia Michalopoulou
Interpretation Kurdistan Cultural Center in Greece (Lavrio)

Chios – Bernadette, Mariam, Christina, Naomie & Jude
Lavrio – Heiredin & Sabeha
Thessaloniki – Elena, Omar, Rahman, Ahmad, Chris, Celestine, Mohammad & Salman

The idea, concept, content and contacts for this documentary derived from research conducted in the context of the TRAFIG project by a team of researchers at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It developed through collective reflections between the research team and the film-makers, with some input from participants in each of the three stories.